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About Sandi Patty

Sandi Patty (born July 12, 1956 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), known as "The Voice" is an American Contemporary Christian music singer. She is renowned for her impeccable musicality and the breadth of her voice, once described as "nuclear powered" both in terms of its range and flexibility.

According to the FAQ section on her website, the name on her birth certificate is Sandra Patty. A printer's error on the labeling listed her name as Sandi Patti, and she used this moniker as her stage name for the next fifteen years, before returning to her given name of Sandi Patty.

Her career excelled after she won her first two GMA Dove Awards in 1982, and began singing backup for Bill Gaither and the Bill Gaither Trio. She headlined her first national tour in 1984, and reached national acclaim after her rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was included during the ABC Statue of Liberty rededication broadcast on July 4, 1986. This exposure led to multiple mainstream television appearances including The Tonight Show, Christmas in Washington, and Walt Disney Fourth of July Extravaganza.

At the peak of her career, her concerts were so heavily attended that she performed in often sold-out mainstream arenas and concert halls. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she averaged over 200 concerts a year, and supported a staff of over 30 that managed her career. During this time she was noted, often critically, as the highest paid singer in the Christian music industry, largely due to massive touring and high-profile public appearances. In 1992, her surprising divorce from manager John Helvering rocked the Gospel Music industry, and this was later followed by an infidelity scandal that subsequently stalled her career in the mid-'90s. However, she slowly rebuilt her career through expanding her musical appeal, performing pops concerts with symphony orchestras including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Pops, and repeatedly served as master of ceremonies for the Yuletide Celebration with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee in 2004
39 GMA Dove Awards: 1982 (x2), 1983 (x1), 1984 (x4), 1985 (x4), 1986 (x1), 1987 (x3), 1988 (x3), 1989 (x5), 1990 (x2), 1991 (x3), 1992 (x4), 1994 (x1), 1995 (x1), 1996 (x1), 1998 (x2), 1999 (x2)
5 Grammy Awards: 1984, 1986, 1987(x2), 1991
4 Billboard Music Awards
5 Gold albums (RIAA)
3 Platinum albums (RIAA)