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About The Symbols

There are a number of artists named The Symbols;

1) A 1950s American doo-wop/R&B group.

2) A 1960s British rock group.
Formed in the early 1960s prior to the Beat Boom explosion, The Symbols honed their craft in the back waters of East London earning a reputation as one of the region's best live draws. With near-constant gigging and a knack for incorporating the catchiest of US hits within their set, the boys - John Milton (vocals), Mick Clarke (bass), Shaun Corrigan (lead guitar) and Clive Graham (drums - later Chas Wade) - caught the attention of the newly-formed President label.

Their 4th single introduced them to the UK charts, a version of the Four Seasons' earlier US hit, "Bye Bye Baby" and, in so doing, inadvertently laid down the blueprint for what would become the Bay City Rollers' No.1 some 8 years later. After releasing just one more single in 1968, the band's brief tenure with President was over. "Bye Bye Baby" was released in the US in 1967, but failed to chart. .