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About ACxDC

ACxDC stands for Antichrist Demoncore. The band was founded in 2003 by Sergio, Pablo, Jeff, and JC. Within 2 years of playing together they released the Jack Trippin' Demo, He Had It Comin' 7", and had 2 tracks on the Signs Of An Impending Doom Compilation. They quickly made their mark in the Power Violence/Grindcore scene by playing tons of wild shows all over Southern California.

By 2005 the band had called it quits, but in the summer of 2006 they decided to have a reunion show with all original members for one night only. Since then most of them went their separate ways and started working on other bands and projects. After years of talk between Sergio and Jose from Shoes of Cement (formerly Hitem Where It Hurts) they decided to bring ACxDC back. They played a comeback show in 2010 with the two new members Bobby and Jose at the Workmens Circle in Los Angeles, California.

Pablo and Bobby recently left the band and ACxDC recruited Jorge from Asshole Assassination Squad/Ruptures to play drums. The line up now consists of Sergio, Jeff, Jose, and Jorge. .