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About Adler

There are two artists under this name:
1) Indie pop band from Russia.
2) RAC band from Czech.
3) American band led by former Guns N'Roses drummer, Steven Adler

1) Don’t let the band name fool you: ADLER has nothing to do with Germany. Named after the Sochi airport ADLER play indie pop and live in Moscow, which ultimately gives their songs a tinge of longing for the sunshine.

Frontman Verkligen has been involved in various musical projects over the past 15 years, including lo-fi ‘ethiopian children starve while you’re fucking’. He writes lyrics in english, out of plain necessity to fit more meaning into the rock rhythm. Friend and co-founder Antti brings vintage synth sounds and edgy guitar to the adler mix. Finally, Praxis adds precision drumming that ranges from intricate percussion to full-on kick-ass John Bonham.

On February 9, 2006 the trio released their debut album titled Love Airlines. ADLER spent over a year carefully putting down the 11 tracks that sparkle with good tunes, meaty guitars, hammond/farfisa/rhodes splendor and occasional synth weirdness. Love Airlines is diverse and entertaining, from the psychedelic I Am the Wine and post-punkish Former Girlscouts to rockabilly (Outnumber the Living) and the sparse, atmospheric Letter to the Woods.

** Love Airlines press release


3) Adler is also an American band founded by Steven Adler, the original drummer for Guns N' Roses. The line-up consist of Lonny Paul (guitar), Jacob Bunton (vocals, guitar), Johnny Martin (bass) and, of course, Steven Adler (drums). In 2012, the band recorded its first album with guest appearances by Slash and John 5. The first single, The One That You Hated, was releases on 10 April via iTunes. .