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About After The Burial

After the Burial is an American metal band from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States formed in 2004.

Minnesota's After The Burial broke into the scene in 2004, bringing with them their own style of aggressive hardcore metal. With punishing rhythmic attacks and soaring duels, guitarists Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe's approach on heavy metal shredding has been spreading throughout the underground metal scene like wildfire. Having completed tours with heavy hitters such as Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Necrophagist, and Hatebreed, their genre transcending style of metal has captured the ears of heavy metal, hardcore, and death metal fans alike. With the release of their album "Rareform", which showcases their talented use of 7 and 8-string guitars, they have solidified themselves as pioneers of the instrument.

The group has recorded four full-length albums, Forging a Future Self (2006), which was self produced, Rareform (2008), and Rareform Re-Issue (2009), a remastered, re-recorded copy of the original Rareform and In Dreams (2010).

Guitarist and founding member Justin Lowe officially left the band with a statement on June 24, 2015 citing a massive paranoia over his entire life believing that After the Burial, their record label (Sumerian Records) and most people in his life were out to ruin him. After the Burial responded to Lowe's open letter the following day confirming he was under severe mental distress and requested their fans to support Lowe during his time of recovery. Lowe was under care with his family at the time.

On the evening of July 20, 2015, Justin Lowe was pronounced officially missing, and search efforts had been put into place in order to find him. Lowe was found dead by a hiker on July 21, 2015, directly underneath the Wisconsin side of the Arcola High Bridge, while his car was found on the bridge. Authorities state that his death was consistent with that of a fall. It is currently unknown if the fall was accidental or intentional. .

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