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About Agent Moosehead

Agent Moosehead is a Philadelphia based band that plays original music complemented by unique cover songs. Some fans have referred to their sound as "metroid jazz", featuring a polyrhythmic core with vibrant melodies sampling from Coltrane and Zappa, to a score of classic NES games.

Utilizing thoughtfully composed music, Agent Moosehead attempts to bring a fresh sound to the Philly music scene. Their music features odd time signatures, complex arrangements and sudden changes, all of which come together to form a unique and original sound.

Originally formed as a three-piece jazz trio, the band began evolving in March of 2005. Agent Moosehead is composed of Chris Dippolito on guitar, Pete Dippolito on bass (electric and upright), Jon McNally on drums, John Briley on keys (Rhodes and synth).

Agent Moosehead also features a range of talented brass and woodwind players who join the band on stage at most shows. The rotation of supporting musicians helps to keep Agent Moosehead's sound fresh and interesting! .