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About Anodyne

There is more than one artist by the name of Anodyne:

1) American Metalcore band.
2) Alias of electronic producer Colin Cloughley.

1) Anodyne formed during the summer of 1997 in Boston, MA. The original members were Thos Niles (drums), Mike Hill (guitar/vocals), Mike Davis (bass) and Ayal Naor (guitar/vocals). The early music was defined by long, noisy improvisational jams punctuated by intense metal/hardcore songs. The output from this line-up was captured on the long-out of print s/t 7-in and some obscure compilations. After touring throughout the northeast and Canada with bands such as Isis, Drowningman, Cable and Jesuit, Anodyne captured the attention of Escape Artist Records; at that time a fledgling hardcore label releasing seminal works by Isis, Burn It Down and Time in Malta. Bass duties were transferred from Mike Davis to Joshua Scott and Mike Swanson joined on drums before the band entered the studio to record "Quiet Wars", their debut for Escape Artist Records. The band hit the road on a 5-week US tour to support their new release.

At the conclusion of the Quiet Wars tour, the band relocated to New York City. Swanson and Naor remained in Boston and the band was without a drummer for a period of time. Dave Witte (Burnt by the Sun, Discordance Axis, Human Remains, The Skies Denied, Melt Banana) briefly filled in on on drums. His stint as Anodyne's drummer was captured on the "Red was Her Favorite Color" 7-in released by Happy Couples Never Last.

Joel Stallings joined the band, solidifying the Anodyne line-up as Mike Hill (guitar/vocals), Joshua Scott (bass) and Joel Stallings (drums). This line-up was to record the "Berkowitz" 7-in for Alone Records, Keelhaul/Anodyne split for Chainsaw Safety Records, the Outer Dark LP for Escape Artist Records, the DefCon 4/Anodyne split for Ammonia Records and the "Salo" EP released as a 10-in EP by Insolito Records and as a CDEP by Init Records. Anodyne also contributed "Life of Pain" for the Initial Records Black Flag Tribute "Black on Black."

2) Irish Electronic music DJ Colin N Cloughley

'Colin N Cloughley aka anodyne, known for his mind shredding live shows, returns after a 14 year hiatus to present his latest opus in the form of 'corrosion'. Thinking of himself as more of a programmer than a musician, anodyne utilizes his own, home built plug-ins and circuit bent instruments to great effect throughout the album’s twelve tracks.

From the album's minimalistic opener, When The Sky Fell Down swiftly followed by the epic strings and breakbeats of Close Your Eyes the artist leads the listener into experiments in dark elektro, acid and ambient before returning to the stunning Wasteland, with its driving electronic pulse surrounded by warm, somber strings, it evokes memories of the glory days of electronic innovation. 'corrosion' effortlessly blends elements of old skool rave, elektro and breakbeat into a darkly beautiful, electronic LP.

Chemical Sunset, which was inspired by a drive through Dublin as sunlight faded, is a beautiful example of the artist’s vision of Techno. Walk Into Darkness, a dark ambient journey ruptured with clinical, austere beats leads into the albums closing track, the end of the night anthem, 'Alchemy'. Taking influence from classic electronic albums by Autechre, Black Dog and U-Ziq, corrosion was made for those who dream of the future.

Colin N Cloughley aka anodyne, has been making experimental sounds for the past 14 years. He most famously appeared on the rare 12" release 'Mask 500' on the Skam record label. He also contributed to the Leaf records compilation 'Death Of Cool Part 2' alongside artists Si Begg, Jamie Lidell, Laurent Garnier and Mouse On Mars.'
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