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About Antiseen

Antiseen is a self-described "Destructo Rock" band from North Carolina that have been playing and touring since 1983.


The band's members have often changed from record to record, with the only constant members being vocalist Jeff Clayton and guitarist Joe Young.

The band has a strong love for pro wrestling. They have displayed this by making musical tributes to various wrestlers including Cactus Jack, Sabu, Terry Funk, and Abdullah The Butcher. Non-specific songs include I'm a Babyface Killer and From Parts Unknown.

The band is no stranger to cover songs, and has covered songs by artists such as Hank Williams Sr., Skrewdriver, Ernest Tubb, Hellstomper, GG Allin, Anti-Nowhere League, Broken Talent, Alice Cooper, Dave Dudley, Bob Dylan, Roky Erickson, George Jones, The Kinks, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Orbison, Ramones, Rancid Vat, Rose Tattoo, Steve Sadler, Jumping Gene Simmons, Jack Starr, Sun Ra, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Stooges, Talking Heads, The Trashmen, and The Troggs.

The band prefers to write their own material however. As mentioned before, the band has love for wrestling. However, they also feature songs about militant issues (Stormtrooper, Pledge Allegiance to the Bomb, Warhero), a love for the South (Trapped in Dixie), a lack of shame (Glad I Am The Way I Am, Fuck All Y'All, No Apologies), songs that defy political correctness (Animals, Eat 'Em, F.T.K., Spare Change, Watch The Bastard Fry, Melting Pot, O.D. For Me, Hippy Punk),and day to day subjects (I Dont Ask You For Nothing, Backlash, Leeches & Losers, Run My World, Alive & Unwell, People Like You, Misery). According to their coffee table book (Destructo Maximus) Jeff Clayton writes most of the lyrics.

The band is considered by some to be nothing more than a GG Allin backing band because GG did use them as a backing band on his Murder Junkies album. The band has stated that this album was a mixed blessing, stating that although they regret the "backing band" stigma that it gave them, they loved the way the album turned out.

The band's stage show often features wrestling style action, such as Jeff cutting his head open so that he wears a crimson mask, Jeff jumping through (sometimes flaming) tables, and barbed wire shows where the stage is covered in a wall of barbed wire. Jeff Clayton also often plays the washboard during shows, destroying it at the end of a song. The methods of destroying it go from simple smashing it against the floor, putting explosives in it and setting it on fire, and elbow dropping through glass washboards. .