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About Feeder

“Britain’s answer to the Foo Fighters” Rock Sound

“Titanic chorus after titanic chorus, the kings of the fist in the air anthem
have always written good songs that you can identify from a mile off” Kerrang

“Songs which are undoubtedly headed for an airwave near you soon, Feeder never seem to disappear from our lives for too long, which is exactly how we like it” Clash

“There’s something touchingly familiar about Feeder’s refusal to attempt any wheel reinvention… the same mix of crashing strings and driving power chords that made ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’ a classic” NME

British rock institution Feeder return with ‘Generation Freakshow’ - their 8th studio album on March 26th.

Classic Feeder with an updated twist, the album is twelve tracks of masterfully-crafted, fresh sounding strong songs, drawing from metal, grunge, punk and classic rock - absorbed and melded together as unmistakably Feeder.

Every track is immediate, concise and never guilty of style over substance. Album opener ‘Oh My’ is a case in point for Grant Nicholas’ overdue recognition as a truly great songwriter: this big song blasts you with an arrangement that constantly elevates, twists and turns. An invigorating rock anthem dedicated to freedom and escape, the album’s first single ‘Borders’ is bolstered with Feeder’s trademark irrepressible choruses and huge tidal wave guitars.

The hard-rocking ‘Idaho’ has an equally massive chorus, although the band are also comfortable flipping the script: as the title suggests ‘Quiet’, is a more introspective moment, which glides with restraint, teasingly suggesting a crescendo which never materializes. Equally versatile is ‘Headstrong’ - Feeder’s supercharged take on rock and roll, with its dissonant guitar riff and driving energy.

Feeder’s last, heavily-praised album ‘Renegades’ saw the band reinvigorated by recording and releasing on their own imprint - Big Teeth Music, free from the constraints of a major label. This refreshing set of working conditions resulted in a return to their earlier, more raw and heavy days.

Back to the present and ‘Generation Freakshow’ is an amalgamation of the best bits of Feeders’ various aural incarnations over the years, which sees the band at a vital, energised and passionate new peak.

Following 25 hit singles, 5 million record sales and a double platinum singles collection, the Feeder juggernaut thunders on, with no intention of slowing down.

Feeder are Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose. They will be wowing crowds, showcasing new material, plus playing select hits at the following venues:

January 30th Lemon Grove, Exeter - SOLD OUT
January 31st Koko, London – SOLD OUT
February 2nd Kasbah, Coventry
February 3rd Ironworks, Inverness

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