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About Mayday

There are several bands named Mayday. Mayday is also well known as a recording moniker of Derrick May.

One is a metallic hardcore band from Virginia Beach, Virginia in the 1990s. They released two 7"s, a 10" and a split with Integrity. While they were never particularly popular, they were fairly influential as one of the first hardcore bands to incorporate very overt metal elements.

The other is an indie rock band from Nebraska.

Like the teenage death ballads of the '50's, Mayday casts an odd sort of instrumentation and lyricism into romantic ballads of the afterlife. Percussive, choral, upbeat, morbid, scatological, rootsy-indie-wit. A bluesy kuntry mythological storybook. Bushido Karaoke travels from the Old West ("Song of the Scaffold") to the modern one ("Hidden Leaves"), from Australia to Mesopotamia ("Old World New World"), to hell and back ("Standing in Line at the Gates of Hell") and into the caverns of history.

Featuring the talents of Mayday’s usual suspects: Ted Stevens (Cursive, Lullaby For The Working Class), Tiffany Kowalski (Lullaby For The Working Class, Head of Femur), Dan McCarthy, and Pat Oakes; plus a list of able conspirators that is too sprawling to fit on a one sheet. Full U.S. tour planned for summer '05.

Mayday is also an up and coming rap group, who according to
Songfacts, are a Miami-based hip hop group comprising vocalists Bernie Garcia (aka BernBiz) and Wrekonize, keyboard player Aaron Eckhart (aka Plex Luthor), bass guitarist Diego Cardenas (aka Primo) and DJ/percussionist Gio.

Mayday were also a NY based AOR hard rock band formed in 1980. Headed by singer Steve Johnstad and guitarist Randy Fredrix. They released two full length albums before breaking up.

Mayday was also a recording moniker of Derrick May, one of the three main originators of Detroit Techno. He often used the Mayday name on his remixes, for example his mixes of Innercity, Bang The Party, Model 500, DJ Rolando and Rhythim Is Rhythim.
- Gorsefan

Mayday is also a Taiwanese alternative rock band also known as 五月天 Wǔ Yuè Tiān in Mandarin. The band was formed in the late 1990s with five members, named Ashin(Ah-Xin) (vocalist), Monster (Guai Wu/Guai Shou) and Stone (Shi Tou) (lead guitars), Masa (Ma-sha)(bass guitar) and Guan You (Guan-You) (drums).

Formerly making music under the name of So Band, they officially came to be known as Mayday in 1997, with the name originating from Masa's online nickname. They have gone on to sell more than 1 million albums. .