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About Modern Time Machines

LA-based Modern Time Machines’ haunting, bittersweet melodies recall elements of dream pop, new wave, and space rock, and their sound has been described as “a noisy, romantic hurricane for those who like their rock with intricate layers” (Buzzbands.LA). Boy/girl vocal harmonies feature heavily in the band’s feedback-laced love songs, which have drawn comparisons to shoegazers and noiseniks including M83, Medicine and Sonic Youth.

After playing their first show in December 2007, the band’s first single “Dweeb” began receiving strong radio support from Los Angeles’ KROQ 106.7FM. Continually refining their sound, the band garnered noteworthy praise for its shows, playing LA venues such as The Satellite and The Glass House alongside acts including Nightmare Air, The Cold & Lovely, and Letting Up Despite Great Faults, as well as touring Austin, TX for the 2011 SXSW music fest. Music from the band’s 2012 debut LP “Continuity Girl” has also been featured nationally on the Adult Swim TV network with a live performance on the cult hit The Eric Andre Show.

– “A noisy, romantic hurricane for those who like their rock with intricate layers… I’ve always liked where Modern Time Machines transport me, shoegaze nerd that I am… [they] follow in the footsteps of a long line of L.A. shoegazers and noisemakers, and imbue their loud/soft dynamic with plenty of crunch… Fans of Swervedriver, Medicine and [Smashing Pumpkins] should take note.”

–”In the tradition of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, local rock quartet Modern Time Machines are adept at layering noise and distortion with nuanced playing and killer hooks.”

– “Their sound is epic and loud; everything you love about Shoegaze. Layered guitars, violins (not synths), and undeniable melodies make this a band to be on the look out for”

–”I love the dense swirling sound of this band… A nice psychedelic stew with strong basic melodies with a pop sensibility, adorned with keys, guitars, various orchestral embellishments and fine lead vocals.”

They layer their instruments — guitars and violins (Chanda Dancy guests!), eschewing synths for an organic sound that seemingly explodes and retreats simultaneously. “Rocketship” opens with guitar riff that sucks you in and keeps you for the wild ride. “Now A Major Motion Picture” swoops and swells in epic melody, those boy/girl vocals rolling out in a distinctive to and fro, punctuated with a mad dash of guitar screaming. “Mammoth” is the template of what gazy space pop/rock should be.

THE 704:
–”The textures woven through Modern Time Machines’ music crept out with clarity, a rich, gushing noise…”

– “MTM creates a sound of their own with frenzied guitar riffs accompanied by soothing vocal sounds. Their music will captivate you at your first listen.” .