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About Moondogg

Moondogg is an electronic/alternative band. Elizabeth Westwood (vocals) and Derwood Andrews (X Generation X) on guitar and production, were both in the British Rock'n'Roll band Westworld in the 80's. They were joined in the UK by electronica producer Martin Lee Stephenson. With hits 'Sonic Boom Boy' 'Pain Killer', 'Banana Bamboo' Westworld took Europe by storm. Moondogg's song "Gasoline Rain" was featured in the movie SLC Punk (along with 2 others by Westwood under the name Holistic Olive), and a few tracks appear in 'Better Than Chocolate'.
Moondogg have released 3 albums to date, on Better, D.O.R. and Rubber Cheese.
Between a desert and a hard place is where they reside.