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About The Cancer Conspiracy

The Cancer Conspiracy were a progressive rock group from Burlington, Vermont featuring guitarist Daryl Rabidoux, drummer/keyboardist/saxophonist Greg Beadle, and bassist Brent Frattini. Rabidoux and Beadle were veterans of the local hardcore scene, and had broken away from their respective bands out of a need to try something new musically. Their initial plans were to find a vocalist and bassist, but after recruiting Frattini, decided to remain an instrumental trio.

Their style draws heavily upon 70s progressive rock, particularly King Crimson and Yes, as well as fusion, hardcore, and math rock. Their first self-titled 3 song EP was released in 2001, consisting of 2 studio tracks and 1 live track. Their 9 song full-length debut The Audio Medium followed in 2002. The album explored a number of sonic landscapes, and revolved around the concept of the corporate music industry's control of the masses; that people are sheep to what music corporations and radio stations tell them to listen to, unaware of the real music that exists out there. As in the medical world, a "cancer conspiracy" that hides the cure for cancer for the purpose of making money off of the sick. The album booklet contained a letter from a doctor/kook by the name of Dr. Travis John, who shared similar views and who warned the band of the trouble they were getting themselves into.

The band toured extensively with bandmates on their label Big Wheel Recreation, and also opened for Oysterhead (featuring former Police drummer Stewart Copeland). Their shows were sometimes augmented by video projections. In 2003, while at a show in New York, their van was stolen, along with all of their equipment. This was the last and most disastrous in a series of mishaps that had plagued their tours.

After spending over three years in legal limbo following the collapse of former label Big Wheel Recreation, the follow-up to The Cancer Conspiracy's 2002 instrumental The Audio Medium saw the light of day. The 8 song full-length is simply titled as the Greek astrological symbol "Omega". .