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About The Creeping Cruds

The Creeping Cruds (2002 - present)
Nashville TN

Nashville's Creepiest Rock n Roll!

Wolfie - Vocals and Howlin'
Handsome Jimmy - Bass Thunder
Boomer Roid - Drums and Horror
Ziggy A McNasty - The Malcolm Young of Horror Rock
Jeano Roid - The Angus Young of Horror Rock

The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living and Became The Creeping Cruds (2005)
Tennessee Bloodbath (2009)

Co-creators of Nashville's annual event Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny

Some cool reviews of Creeping Cruds records:

A howling rocktail of butched-up Johnny Thunders and Paul Stanley riffs, hairy, hoary, Swede-style motorsleaze, late-night fright-show snippets and pure high-flying rock energy. Beyond the Z-movie goofiness, thss there's some seriously bad-ass rock 'n' roll here.

A cool campy intro by Tennessee horror host Dr. Gangrene and beautiful flesh-rotting artwork by Stephen Blickenstaff greet the listener before The Creeping Cruds tear into ten tracks of badass rawk 'n' roll fused with a dangerously geeky obsession with old school horror flicks, monsters and gore.
A messed up mutation of AC/DC power riffs, Ramones three-chord catchiness and dark Southern rock, these grown up monster kids don't just pay tribute to the horrors of their youth, they become them. Only the most B-movie-soaked brain could come up with lyrics as inspired as "M-U-R-D-E-R means your fuckin bloodon the bannsiters" or song titles in the vein of Driving Miss Zombie.
Why can't every horror punk band be this much fun? -AL XXXXX (Five Skulls – Rue-Morgue's highest rating!)

(thee) Jeff Dahl for CARBON 14 MAGAZINE
The Creeping Cruds- The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living and Became The Creeping Cruds ( The horror branch of the Punk Rock tree seems to fall into two basic categories: quasi-metal-punk a la Misfits or Cramps style 50's ranting and raving. The Cruds are a bit of both but, genetically, fall closer to the latter. They definitely have some Hasil Adkins and Billy Lee Riley chromosomes floating around the gene pool and I betcha they could even knock out a killer version of "I Put A Spell on You". Let's call it psychobilly with a liberal dose of Ramone/Dead Boy punk. Over a wall of big and nasty guitars, vampires, brains, zombies, werewolves and even good ol' Godzilla are all regaled with heroic tales of their exploits by a voice that's one part Drano, one part broken glass.. it totally fuckin' rocks and it's all very scary. - Jeff Dahl

This is one of those very rare Horror-Punk platters that actually does not sound like a Misfits clone, and yet still manages to kick large amounts of rotted, undead ass! These musically inclined horror movie junkies hail from Nashville Tennessee, and man do they rock.

We start things off with a spoken word intro by Nashville TV horror host "Dr. Gangrene". This is pretty amusing, and it reminds me a lot of the crazy rants Kurt Russell's character, "Jack Burton", would go off on in the movie "Big Trouble In Little China". This segues nicely into "All Hail The Horror Host", and things never let up from that point on. Their overall sound on this debut is very hard to pin down, as the vocal delivery changes from track to track, depending on what will work best, and the musical style seems to be pretty damn fluid as well. One song will seem like a straight-up Punk anthem, while the next will reek of Alice Cooper, and 70s Glam-Punk.

As you slice and dice your way through the disc, you can expect to encounter; Horror-Punk, Hardcore, Glam-Punk, and the occasional Heavy-Metal riff, not to mention a little bit o' understated western flavouring sprinkled here and there. As well, you can expect lots o' cool, albeit obligatory, horror movie samples. Rest assured however it's always heavy, and always frantic.

If I had to compare the Cruds to another band, I would say they fall somewhere in between the sounds of Ghoultown and Eerie Ln.. The songs are all well constructed, and have the wondrous, sought after ability to stick with you long after you've wandered away from the stereo.

Trust me, you'll be humming "I Eat The Living" for days afterwards. This thing is almost too much fun. But not everything can be fun and games. Among all the tongue in check songs about zombies and vampires is one about real horror, "The Ghosts of West Memphis", which is about the now infamous "West Memphis 3". This horrific case of small town justice gone wrong, has been brought to light in recent years by the likes of everyone from Henry Rollins, to the creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone).

So, just like how the campiest of Hollywood's horror flicks always manages to have one little chilling moment, there is a little something here to take that smug smirk off your face, even if it's just for a moment. Horror-Punk disc of the year? We shall see, we shall see... For more info, be sure to drag your rotting, festering corpse over to
If Nashville, Tennessee became ground zero for a zombie apocalypse, the end of the world would be one big rock’n party. For proof, look no further than Nashville horror five piece the Creeping Cruds. One part southern rock, one part punkish drive, and all parts comedic gruesome horror, the Cruds know how to make one hell of a soundtrack to the end of the world. And it can all be found on The Creeping Cruds’ aptly named sophomore full length, Tennessee Bloodbath.

From start to finish Bloodbath is a constant reminder that horror without comedy could be so much more. Classic B movies are enjoyable not because of the gore, but because its hard not to laugh at their ridiculous premises. And that’s where Tennessee Bloodbath shines. The album celebrates horror through satire, smart lyrics, and a tastefully cheesy humour.

Inserting stock sound clips from classics into a track is nothing new in the horror community, and the Cruds know this. So instead they offer their own unique take on their source material. For a taste, look no further than album opener, “Blood At The Door.” The band precludes the track with a lengthy “word of friendly warning” disclaimer modeled from the 1931 Frankenstein classic starring Borris Karloff. Their take is ripe with not so subtle liberties, likening the content to taking admission at a live show. In any case, its funny, tongue-in-cheek delivery does a great job of honoring and poking fun at its source material. Similar examples can be found at various lengths throughout, with other notables occurring on “Hellhounds,” “I Killed Santa Clause,” and my personal favourite “I kicked Dracula’s Ass,” which serves as an ode to long lost, rediscovered, and oddly named horror flicks.

Part of what makes it all work so well rests in the Cruds’ over the top musical confidence. Lead vocalist “Wolfie” commits himself completely to the role, and the band’s tongue and cheek delivery on tracks like “Meat At Three” – a tale about a cannibalistic greasy spoon and a regular patron who learns its dirty little secret and eventually develops a taste the special once his girlfriend disappears… Is it morbid? Yep, but as with all of the Cruds’ tunes, they approach gruesome topics with a smile and a humour sure to earn a smirk from even the toughest critics.

Tennessee Bloodbath is one of those unsuspecting candidates for praise. It’s blood filled, ghoulish cover looks like every other horror release, but what follows boasts a winning combination of confidence and lyrical humour. So even if horror isn’t your usual thing, the Creeping Cruds offer a safe bet for southern punkers looking for a good laugh.