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About Departure

There are more than one artist named Departure on

1) A poprock band from Trondheim, Norway. The band consists of Erlend Angelsen on guitar, Trond Lindset on vocals, Morten Hagen on bass, Adam Storli on guitar/synth, and Fredrik Jenssen on drums. Departure's music is influenced by such bands as Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, and Your Vegas. The song "Half / Split" was released digitally in October 2010, and was immediately put into heavy rotation on most of the Norwegian radio channels. The second single "Gravity" was put into radio rotation in March 2011. Their first album is expected in the last half of 2012.

2) 2006: Starting in October 2006, Thomas and Tom wanted to create a new brand of music, entangling multiple styles into one. In December 2006 they entered the studio to record a 3-track promo, with the help of Kevin (vocalist of Toxocara/Erebus) on vocals and JB (bass player of Seizure) on bass guitar and as engineer/producer. After the recording-sessions they started looking for a line-up to bring their music to the stage. That line up was found when Sven (bass guitar), and Mathieu (guitars, bass player in Carnal Leftovers) joined the band. Shortly after this a vocalist was found in Olivier (Ex- Obliterator, ex- Judgement Day) and the lineup was completed.

After a short time of rehearsing Thomas didn’t feel quite right about the band and decided to leave. Fortunately a new drummer was found very quickly and Clemens ( Aggro, ex-Bodyrot) decided to join Departure. Now with a complete lineup the feeling was right and some months of intense rehearsing and writing followed. All the members started to put their different ideas into the songs and the music progressed into a mixture of styles that sounds very fresh and still packs a great punch.

2007: On Saturday the 11th of august Departure played live for an audience for the first time. The guys form Context provided Departure with the opportunity to play two songs during their gig. Crowd response was amazing and a big “thank you” goes out to Context! After that first time on stage the band knew they were ready for more live performances and some gigs followed in Amersfoort, Weert, Roden, Assen, Eindhoven and Zwolle.

During the gig in Hedon – Zwolle the band had the whole show recorded for use as promo material. Some of the tracks recorded there can be heard on our website

Due to some differences Sven left the band early 2008. A new bassplayer was found in Erik (seraphique) within a few days and the band could continue rocking the stages.

At this moment the band is writing new material and doing as many gigs as possible.

(of the dead)


2006 - Started our suicide cult (three track promo)
2007 - Hedonism (live) .

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