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About Bill Gaither

There are two singers with this name.
William J. Gaither
(born March 28, 1936) wealthy singer and songwriter of Contemporary Christian music. except 3 listed for Little Bill Gaither

2 blues musician
Little Bill Gaither sometimes known as Leroy's Buddy
albums on these pages : 1935-1936 / 1938-1939 / 1940-1941
1 William J. Gaither (born March 28, 1936) is an American singer and songwriter of southern gospel and Contemporary Christian music. He has written numerous popular Christian songs with his wife, Gloria. Besides performing solo and with his wife, Gaither has appeared as part of the Bill Gaither Trio, the Gaither Vocal Band, and as a part of his "Homecoming" groups.
Gaither was born in Alexandria, Indiana in 1936, the son of George and Lela Gaither. He formed his first group, the Bill Gaither Trio (consisting of his sister Mary Ann, and brother Danny) in 1956 while a college student at Anderson College. After graduating from Anderson in 1959, he worked as an English teacher. He married the former Gloria Sickal in 1962. After a few years of trying to manage both a music career and his full time teaching job, he quit his teaching job in 1967 and worked full time in the Christian music industry.

Gaither was influenced by southern gospel groups and singers such as Jake Hess, Hovie Lister, and groups like the Speers, the Statesmen and the Happy Goodmans.
Songs that he and Gloria wrote have become standards across the English-speaking world. Among the titles:"The Longer I Serve Him," "Because He Lives," "The King Is Coming," " Something Beautiful," "He Touched Me", "It Is Finished," "There's Something About That Name" and "Let's Just Praise The Lord". His songs have been performed by Christian artists (Carman, Sandi Patty), country singers (The Statler Brothers) and pop artists (Elvis Presley).

Gloria Gaither often writes the lyrics while Bill writes the music, although composing is usually a collaborative project between the two.
Since Gaither first began singing with the Bill Gaither Trio in the 1950s, he has constantly been performing. The Bill Gaither Trio originally consisted of Bill, his brother Danny Gaither and his sister Mary Ann Gaither. In about 1964 Bill's wife, Gloria, took the place of Mary Ann. The trio sang traditional gospel songs along with original compositions by the Gaithers that gave them a more contemporary feel.

Gaither has a high bass voice (or low baritone), and would often sing while playing a guitar with the Bill Gaither Trio. He also plays the piano.
Gaither founded the Gaither Music Company, which performs the functions of record company, concert booking, television production, copyright management, retail store, recording studio and telemarketing for the Gaither empire. Gaither also runs a retail center called Gaither Family Resources.

Gaither has been a father figure to many up-and-comers in the Contemporary Christian music industry, while helping to prolong the careers of those who came before him. Mark Lowry, Sandi Patty, Carman, Steve Green, Don Francisco, Amy Grant, Michael English, Jonathan Pierce, Karla Worley, and Cynthia Clawson are all CCM artists who either got their start or became popular while touring with the Gaithers. He has maintained the Gaither Vocal Band with a variety of singers coming and going. The current Gaither Vocal Band consists of: Guy Penrod, Wes Hampton, Marshall Hall and of course, Bill Gaither. Previously, Mark Lowry, David Phelps, Steve Green, Michael English, Russ Taff, Jonathan Pierce and others have been with the group. Guy Penrod is the longest current standing member of Gaither Vocal Band outside of Bill Gaither who founded the group. Guy Penrod has been with the group since 1995. Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton are both recent additions to Gaither Vocal Band (GVB)

His "Homecoming" tours, which started in 1991, brought together giants of the southern gospel and CCM industry, sparking a revival of the genres. The "Homecoming" tours have sold more than 1.1 million tickets across the world, and have included such notable venues as the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. Pollstar lists the tour as selling more tickets in 2004 than Elton John, Fleetwood Mac or Rod Stewart.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Gaither has produced albums for other Christian artists since the early 1990s.

In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine named Gaither one of the top 50 richest musicians, with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and the Grateful Dead. At 71, Gaither was the oldest on the list. [2]

Bill and Gloria still live in Indiana and have three grown children.


* Christian "Songwriter of the Century" (with Gloria Gaither): American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP), 2000.
* Among the top 75 American entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur Magazine, 1997
* Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee, 1982.
* Grammy Awards in 1973, 1975, 1991, 1999; additional nominations in 1969, 1974, 1984 (x2), 1987, 1993, 1997, 1998)
* Dove Awards in 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974 (x2), 1975, 1976 (x2), 1977 (x2), 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 (x3), 1995, 1999 (x2), 2000. Numerous other nominations.
* Multi-platinum albums: 2. Platinum albums: 22. Gold albums: 21. (RIAA)
* ASCAP Best Gospel Song of the Year: 1974, 1980
* SPEBSQSA Honorary Life Member: 2006


(This list excludes books of music and books that are a companion to his "Homecoming" series.)

* Gaither, Bill and Ken Abraham. It's More than Music: Life Lessons on Friends, Faith, and What Matters Most. Anderson, Indiana: Warner Books. 2003. (ISBN 0-446-53041-7)
* Gaither, Bill and Jerry Jerkins. I Almost Missed the Sunset. Thomas Nelson (pub). 1992. (ISBN 0-8407-7573-3).
* Gaither, Bill and Jerry Jerkins. Homecoming. Zondervan. 1997. (ISBN 0-310-21325-8)
* Gaither, Bill and Gloria Gaither. God Gave Song. Zondervan. 2000. (ISBN 0-310-23123-X)


Bill Gaither, The Gaithers, Gaither Trio, etc.

* 1960s Happiness, The Bill Gaither Trio: Bill & Danny Gaither and Sherry Slattery
* 1970s At Home In Indiana
* 1970s The King Is Coming
* 1970s Sings Warm
* 1970s Allelujah: Praise Continues
* 1970s The Early Works
* 1972 Live (2 LPs)
* 1972 Christmas...Back Home In Indiana
* 1972 My Faith Still Holds
* 1973 Especially For Children Of All Ages
* 1973 Let's Just Praise The Lord
* 1974 Something Beautiful...An Evening With The Bill Gaither Trio (2 LPs)
* 1974 Because He Lives
* 1974 Thanks For Sunshine
* 1975 I Am A Promise
* 1975 Jesus, We Just Want To Thank You
* 1976 Praise
* 1977 My Heart Can Sing - The Inspiring Songs of Stuart Hamblen
* 1977 Moments For Forever (2 LPs)
* 1978 Pilgrim's Progress
* 1978 The Very Best Of The Very Best
* 1979 We Are Persuaded
* 1979 He Touched Me
* 1980 The Very Best Of The Very Best...For Kids
* 1981 Bless The Lord Who Reigns In Beauty
* 1982 He Started The Whole World Singing
* 1983 Fully Alive
* 1984 Ten New Songs With Kids...For Kids About Life
* 1985 Then He Said Sing
* 1987 Welcome Back Home
* 1990 Hymn Classics
* 1992 Best Of The Gaithers...Live!
* 1993 Old Friends
* 1994 Oh Happy Day Vol. 1 & 2
* 1994 Precious Memories
* 1996 Our Recollections
* 2000 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 1
* 2000 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 2
* 2000 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 3
* 2000 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 4
* 2005 Bill Gaither (self-titled solo project)

Gaither Vocal Band

Main article: Gaither Vocal Band

* 1981 The New Gaither Vocal Band
* 1983 Passin' The Faith Along
* 1984 New Point Of View
* 1986 One X 1
* 1988 Wings
* 1989 The Best From The Beginning
* 1990 A Few Good Men
* 1991 Homecoming
* 1993 Southern Classics
* 1993 Peace Of The Rock
* 1994 Testify
* 1994 I Bowed On My Knees
* 1994 King Is Coming
* 1995 Reunion Precious Memories
* 1995 Can't Stop Talking About Him
* 1996 Southern Classics: Volume 2
* 1997 Back Home In Indiana
* 1997 Lovin' God & Lovin' Each Other
* 1997 Joy To The World: Gaither Gospel Series
* 1998 Still The Greatest Story Ever Told
* 1999 God Is Good
* 2000 I Do Believe
* 2002 Everything Good
* 2003 a cappella
* 2003 8 Great Hits
* 2004 Best Of The Gaither Vocal Band
* 2006 Give It Away

Homecoming Series

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* 1992 A Praise Gathering
* 1993 Old Friends
* 1993 Turn Your Radio On
* 1995 Reunion
* 1995 Holy Grounds
* 1998 Kenedy Center Homecoming
* 1998 Atlanta Homecoming
* 1998 All Day Singin' at the Dome
* 1998 Marching To Zion
* 1998 Rivers of Joy
* 1998 Singin' with the Saints
* 1999 Singin' in My Soul
* 1999 So Glad!
* 1999 Mountain Homecoming
* 1999 I'll Meet You on the Mountain
* 1999 Sweet, Sweet Spirit
* 2000 Good News
* 2000 Memphis Homecoming
* 2000 Oh, My Glory!
* 2000 Because He Lives
* 2000 Harmony in the Heartland
* 2000 Irish Homecoming
* 2000 Christmas in the Country
* 2000 Whispering Hope
* 2001 What a Time!
* 2001 London Homecoming
* 2001 Christmas... A Time for Joy
* 2001 A Billy Graham Music Homecoming, Vol. 1
* 2001 A Billy Graham Music Homecoming, Vol. 2
* 2002 Freedom Band
* 2002 I'll Fly Away
* 2002 New Orleans Homecoming
* 2002 God Bless America
* 2002 Let Freedom Ring
* 2003 Going Home
* 2003 Heaven
* 2003 A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol.1
* 2003 A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol.2
* 2003 Australian Homecoming
* 2003 Red Rocks Homecoming
* 2003 Rocky Mountain Homecoming
* 2004 Build a Bridge
* 2004 We Will Stand
* 2004 America The Beautiful: Bill Gaither's Favorite Patriotic Songs
* 2004 A Tribute To Howard & Vestal Goodman
* 2004 A Tribute to Jake Hess
* 2004 He Started the Whole World Singing
* 2004 Journey to the Sky
* 2004 Passin' the Faith Along
* 2005 Church In The Wildwood: Cherished Hymns
* 2005 Hymns
* 2005 Israel Homecoming
* 2005 Jerusalem Homecoming
* 2005 A Tribute to George Younce
* 2005 The Best of Guy Penrod
* 2005 Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
* 2006 Canadian Homecoming
* 2006 Gaither Homecoming Tour: Live from Toronto
* 2006 Bill Gaither Remembers Homecoming Heroes
* 2006 Bill Gaither Remembers Old Friends
* 2006 The Best of Anthony Burger
* 2006 The Best of Jessy Dixon
* 2006 The Best of Jeff and Sheri Easter
* 2006 Gaither Vocal Band: Give It Away
* 2006 Christmas in South Africa
* 2006 Homecoming Christmas from South Africa
2 Bill Gaither (April 21, 1910 or 1905 or 1908, Belmont, Kentucky — died 1956 or more likely 1970) sometimes known as "Little Bill" Gaither or Leroy's Buddy, was an American blues guitarist and singer.

Gaither recorded hundred of songs for labels such as Decca, Arhoolie and Okeh. He was often partnered with the pianist George "Honey" Hill, and the duo patterned themselves after Leroy Carr and his guitarist, Scrapper Blackwell. One of Gaither's most famous blues songs was "Champ Joe Louis", recorded on June 23, 1938, the day after Louis won his rematch against Max Schmeling. Ethnomusicologists have cited Gaither among a group of important but understudied 20th century musicians. His blues lyrics have been appreciated as poetry. Gaither is buried in New Crown Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana, where jazz musician Wes Montgomery is also interred.
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