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About Brother Noland

Music is the thread that has always run through and held Brother Noland’s life together. It doesn’t matter what else he may be focused on at any particular moment. Music is the means by which he expresses who he is and what his life is about. While he is a man of many passions, music is the consuming passion of his life.

Brother Noland is an impact player in Hawaii’s music scene. He is always out in front, changing and pushing the music to unexpected places. The term innovator fits Noland well. Before his first smash hit, Coconut Girl, the term Jawaiian music didn’t really exist. Now, he is often credited with the birth of Jawaiian music. But like all true innovators, Noland cannot be pigeon holed. He loves the Jawaiian feel, but he can’t restrict himself to only one kind of music. He also excels in traditional Hawaiian music, slack key, and Hawaiian swing music because music makes him feel good and good music, no matter the genre makes him feel better.