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About David Lee Garza

David Lee Garza is the accordionist and leader of his band, Los Musicales. Many famous singers got their start with Garza, such as Emilio Navaira, Ram Herrera, and Jay Perez. Garza is often called "The Godfather." Garza is from a small town near San Antonio.

According to DLG's website, he was born in Jourdanton, Texas on February 15, 1957. He has been playing the accordian since the age of six, having been taught by his father, Antonio "Tony" Garza. David Lee Garza (DLG) has recieved numerous awards and accolades. He and his family are very civic minded, often lending their talents to charity and community efforts.

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DLG's website:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Lee-Garza-y-los-Musicales/186234984744505 .

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