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About Gary Hoey

When Gary Hoey was fourteen, he would often hang around outside of Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music, make friends, and then offer to pay them for lessons. Sensing that he should devote all of his time to music, Hoey dropped out of high school, and began playing Boston's local clubs, teaching guitar to others on the way. He auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne to replace Randy Rhoads. In 1993 he put together his own trio, hit the studio to record the old Focus hit "Hocus Pocus" which rocketed into the Billboard Top 5 and outpaced all other singles as the most frequently played rock song of the year. In the midst of this ride Hoey had undertaken long radio station tours, during which he visited over 400 stations coast to coast. Gary has created music for ESPN’s Summer X Games, No Fear, Disney, The San Diego Padres and many others. .

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