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About Hiroshima

There is more than one artists with this name:

1) Japanese group

2) Hiroshima is a hard rock/ A.O.R. band from Spain.

3) Hiroshima is a Heavy Metal band from Finland. They have released only one studio album, Taste Of Death in 1984.

4) Hiroshima is a Screamo band from Los Angeles CA.

5) Hiroshima ia a Hard Rock band from Olsztyn in Poland, Band exist since May 2005.

6) Hiroshima was a swedish heavy metal influenced trallpunk (melodic punk) band.

1) Hiroshima, a group whose music falls between R&B, pop, world music, and jazz, has long had its own niche. The band integrates traditional Japanese instruments into their musical blend and has generally been both commercial and creative within its genre. Hiroshima's founding members are keyboardist Dan Kuramoto (who also played shakuhachi), June Okida Kuramoto on koto (a key part of the group's sound), Johnny Mori on taiko drums, and Danny Yamamoto on drums, percussion, and taiko. Other additions include keyboardist Kimo Cornwell, bassist Dean Cortez, and singer Teri Koide (who was later succeeded by Kimaya Seward). Some of the musicians were descendants of Japanese Americans held in U.S. detention camps during World War II. Hiroshima has recorded a series of best-selling albums for Arista, Epic, and Qwest and, although they have evolved over time (moving further away from jazz), they have managed to not only retain but increase their popularity.

6) They formed in january 1994 as Skrotum, but changed the name to Hiroshima later that year while recording the debut EP "Ödeland", because there was another punk band called Skrotum. They released two albums, Våld föder våld ('95) and Brända broar ('97) as well as appeared on a few compilations as well as playing a lot of gigs around Sweden before splitting up in late 1997. That year they also appeared in the infamous swedish punk documentary "Punkilandia". .

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