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About Kamran

"Formed by a group of six friends (2 singers, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1drummer) in 2000, kamran created an energetic mix of metal and hip-hop. Theband released in 2003 their first E.P "Pose ta Marque". This effort allowedthem to perform hundreds of concerts with bands like Eths, Psykup, Enhancer, Dagoba... By 2006 the two singers decided to leave the line-up forcing the band tofind a new singer. The band took this opportunity to re-think theirapproach, restart from scratch and go back to their primitive roots(Metallica, Chimaira, Machine head, Killswitch Engage...). After months ofrehearsing the first riff-driven metal studio album "Spreading The Disease"will soon be available,,," .