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About Klimax

There are two bands called Klimax: a Finnish hardcore/punk band, and a Cuban timba band led by Giraldo Piloto.

Giraldo Piloto's Klimax is one of the most sophisticated and original of Cuba's major timba bands. Descended from a line of famous Cuban musicians and composers, Piloto has been omnipresent throughout the first decade of timba history as a drummer, a songwriter and an arranger. He was a founding member of the first timba band, NG La Banda. He wrote La Charanga Habanera's first big hit "Me Sube la Fiebre" and several others. When Issac Delgado left NG to form his own group, Piloto became his musical director. In 1995 he formed his own group, Klimax. Klimax has released 3 CD's on Spain's Eurotropical label and has toured extensively throughout Europe and South America.

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