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About Legacy Five

Legacy Five is a southern gospel quartet founded by former Cathedral Quartet members Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler.

When Glen Payne and George Younce of the Cathedrals decided in 1999 to retire, they decided to do one last tour to not only say goodbye to the fans and give them a chance to see them again, but also to give the other three members in the group time to plan what they would do after their retirement. Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler decided to form a group.

Founded in 1999, shortly after the Cathedrals' long career ended, Roger Bennett, who considered Glen Payne his mentor, was interested in continuing to tour with a gospel group, and former Cathedrals baritone Scott Fowler shared that interest. Bennett played piano and occasionally sang, and Fowler changed position from baritone singer back to lead singer (as he had been prior joining the Cathedrals), while newcomers Josh Cobb, Scott Howard and Glenn Dustin filled out the rest of the group, singing tenor, baritone and bass, respectively.

The group immediately became a popular southern gospel act, and they traded heavily on the memories Bennett and Fowler shared of touring with gospel legends Glen Payne and George Younce.

The group was quite traditional in approach and particularly enjoyed performing classic southern gospel songs. To date they have released three "table projects" labeled their Heritage Series that are a collection of gospel standards.

The group has experienced little turnover in membership, except for the tenor position. Fowler, Howard and Dustin are still touring today. Tenor Josh Cobb left in 2000; he was replaced by Tony Jarman, who stayed with the group until 2004. Frank Seamans has been with the group since 2004.

In 2002, Bennett was again diagnosed with leukemia and spent some time off the road while the rest of the group continued touring. He was diagnosed several years ago. He was in remission several times, and in 2005 was diagnosed with lymphoma. He had three bone marrow transplants since he was diagnosed. Roger Bennett continued to record with the group when he could and appeared at some of their concerts when his health allowed.

Tim Parton, a pianist who produced the group's recent albums, officially joined the group in October 2006, originally to substitute for Bennett. Following Bennett's death on March 17, 2007, from complications related to leukemia, Fowler responded affirmatively when Danny Jones, the editor of Singing News, asked if the group would search for another pianist. [1] Eight days later, Parton's "interim" tag was removed, as the group officially named him the regular pianist.

They have performed with the Gaither Homecoming Friends as well as being a regular feature at the National Quartet Convention.

They have been nominated for 40 Singing News Fan Awards. At the 2004 Fan Awards, the group won in the categories of Traditional Quartet, Baritone, Bass and Pianist.

One of their best-known songs, "Heroes of the Faith", was composed by Roger Bennett, in honor of Glen Payne.

The group is currently at work on another album entitled Know So Salvation due out in summer 2007.

* Strong in the Strength (1999)
* Songs We Used to Sing (2000)
* Heroes of the Faith (2001)
* Heritage Vol. I (2001)
* Heritage Vol. II (2002)
* London (2003)
* Live At The Palace with Greater Vision(2003)
* Heritage Vol. III (2004)
* Monuments (2004)
* A Little Taste of Heaven (2005)
* A Capella (2006)
* Live in Music City (2006)
* Friday Night Favorites (2007)
* Know So Salvation (due out 2007) .

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