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About Locos Por Juana

Locos Por Juana is a Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated bilingual Latin Jam-Band, most notably recognized for their energetic live performance and unique fusion of Latin, Caribbean, and American rhythms. The band was formed in Miami, FL in 2000. The band consists of vocalist Itagui Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat and drummer Javier Delgado, which form the nucleus of the group, joined by trombonist Lasim Richards and percussionist Carlos Palmet. At times there are as many as five to seven guest musicians that join the band onstage for shows and tours.

Locos por Juana released their first two albums with independent label Musical Productions (MP) Records. Their self-titled debut album Locos Por Juana was released in 2003. That same year they were nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro for Best Urban Artist. Their second album, Música P’al Pueblo (Music for the Town), was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2005 for Best Rock or Alternative Album. In 2007, Locos por Juana signed with Universal Music and released the highly acclaimed album La Verdad (The Truth), which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock or Alternative Album in 2008. The band toured the U.S. from coast to coast to support the album followed by a European tour in the summer. In 2010 Locos por Juana dropped the EP titled Evolución (Evolution), which nominated for a Shock Award for Best Alternative Album in Bogota, Colombia.

Locos Por Juana’s sound is a distinct one, a hybrid drawing not only from the band members' diverse backgrounds but also from other countries' musical styles as well. Correa and Delgado were born in Colombia, and Kondrat is a Miami native of Colombian descent. As such, they incorporate the beloved sounds of their heritage and upbringing like Cumbia, Champeta and Afro-Colombian rhythms such as Mapale and Chande, reshaping and breathing new life into them in order to give them a new identity altogether. Also integral to Locos Por Juana's style are musical influences from Miami and the Caribbean islands including Reggae, Raggamuffin, and Dub from Jamaica along with Hip-Hop, Rock, and Funk leading to fusion that Kondrat coined "that island swing". In essence, the heart and soul of the band’s style emanates from Colombia, a country whose musical styles are ever-present in band’s music.

The L.A. Times defines Locos Por Juana’s style as “a funky, pan-Latin amalgam, pulling listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico.” The Miami New Times has regaled them as “one of Miami’s longest-standing bands,” and their Grammy nominated album La Verdad as “the truth of a new multicultural, cosmopolitan generation, played out in the music that represents their cross-cultural connections.” The Miami Herald dubbed them “Miami’s beloved Latin-reggae-hip-hop mash-up master.”

Powerful licks on the electric guitar, Latin grooves, and a Hip-Hop way of life combine to form their international sound and electrifying onstage dynamism.

From Colombia to Miami to the back woods of Vermont, Locos Por Juana is ready to break out with their upcoming album “Somos de la Calle” this September!