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About Lorenzo

There are several artists named, "Lorenzo".

1. Lorenzo Smith was born on May 23, 1972 in Havana, Florida. As a child, he sang in the churches and was an avid listener of Michael Jackson, El Debarge, James Brown and Sam Cooke. In high school, Lorenzo was active and competed in sports, a fact reflected by his strong build.

In 1990, Lorenzo put out his first album, Let Me Show You. The album was released with Alpha International through CEMA Records. The album's title track reached #64 on the R&B charts, while the album's other single "Tic Tok" reached #41. The music video for the third single "Angel" is notable for having an early appearance from Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes prior to forming TLC.

On Lorenzo's eponymous sophomore effort, the song "Real Love" reached #6 on the R&B charts; followed up with "Make Love 2 Me" and "I Can't Stand The Pain." which reached #21 and #22 on the R&B charts, respectively.

Lorenzo released his last album to date in 1995, after a three-year dispute with Alpha International. The album, Love On My Mind, was released on Luke Campbell's Luke Records. It had one charting single, "If It's Alright With You" which reached #41 on the R&B charts.

2. This Lorenzo is a rock band originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. This Lorenzo is also located at: http://www.last.fm/music/Lorenzo/Ignition and at: http://www.last.fm/music/Lorenzo/Love+Shape+Bruise

Lorenzo return with new songs (and some updated versions of some older tunes), with 2012’s, “Ignition.”

“Ignition,” includes the first single, “I’m Not Ready to Say I’m Sorry Yet.” A video accompanies the song.

There are four re-records of songs that were released on “Love Shape Bruise.” Lead singer and guitarist, Mark Lorenzo, wrote most of the new material, but shares writing credits with bassist, Jason VieBrooks (of Heathen) on “Ain Found a Way” and with J.J. Woolbright on “Miss Alcohol.”

Recorded in various studios along the way, “Ain’t Found a Way” was mixed at The Hideout Studios in Las Vegas by Kane Churko (son of writer/producer, Kevin Churko), who has worked on albums by Ozzy Osbourne and In This Moment.

Lorenzo also include Stuart McConnell (guitars) and Aaron Farrier (drums).

Official Website: www.lorenzolounge.com

Lorenzo Hagerty of Psychedelic Salon

Organizer of the Palenque Norte theme camp at Burning Man (see YouTube video of the 2006 Palenque Norte Lectures)

June 2005

Started PodCasting the Psychedelic Salon