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About Lorie Line

Lorie grew up in Reno, Nevada and was born with "perfect pitch." She has been playing the piano since age 5 and as a child prodigy, she won many annual Statewide piano competitions. Classically trained, she graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BA in Music, Piano Performance. In 1986, she married Tim Line, moved to Minneapolis and landed the perfect job, serenading shoppers at the piano for Dayton's department stores. It was from here that Midwestern fans took notice of her musical talent and style and her career took off. Since then, she has recorded 45 CDs and has published 40 books of music. She has sold 6 million albums and has toured the United States for 24 consecutive years, performing on over 2000 stages. Lorie has never taken one business course, but may own one of the largest independent labels in the world. She continues to be the hardest working woman in show biz, touring and performing in 80 cities each year.

Over the years, Lorie has produced three television specials for PBS. She has played (and cooked) for Congressmen, Senators and Governors. She has performed for two Presidents at the White House. She orchestrates and writes every note for her shows and has published over 500 arrangements for the piano and multiple accompaniment instruments. In 2002, she was Entrepreneur of the Year for Ernst & Young. Her grass roots story has been published in hundreds of news articles and her beautiful home has been featured in numerous national magazines. Her dresses have been showcased in museums and she may own one of the largest private costume collections in the country.

She has been married for 28 years to her business partner, Tim (alias Santa) and over the years they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. They have two adult children and are now empty nesters.


The Early Years - March, 2014
Born In Bethlehem - October, 2013
Come Together - March, 2013
Immanuel - October, 2012
Practice, Practice, Practice! Book Five - September, 2012
Practice, Practice, Practice! Book Four - April, 2012
The Heritage Collection, Volume Six - March, 2012
Christmas Bells Are Ringing! - November, 2011
Practice, Practice, Practice! Book Three - September, 2011
Vogue - March, 2011
Making Spirits Bright - October, 2010
Serendipity - August, 2010
The 20th Anniversary Edition - October, 2009
The Heritage Collection, Volume V - May, 2009
Practice, Practice, Practice! Book Two - March, 2009
Christmas Around The World - October, 2008
Crazy, Young At Heart, Volume II - July, 2008
The Heritage Collection, Volume IV - February, 2008
The Glory of Christmas - October, 2007
The Traditions of Christmas - October, 2006
Practice, Practice, Practice! Book One - March, 2006
My Favorite Things - November, 2005
Now and Then - October, 2005
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ­ - November, 2004
Young At Heart - September, 2004
Sharing the Season, Volume Four - 2002
The Heritage Collection, Volume III - 2002
The Show Stoppers - 2001
The Silver Album - 2000, retired
Just Me - 2000, retired
Simply Grand - 1999
The Heritage Collection, Volume II - 1998
Open House - 1997
Home for the Holidays - 1997, specialty project, retired
Music from the Heart - 1997
Lorie Line Live! - 1996, retired
Sharing the Season, Volume III – 1995, retired
Heart and Soul - 1995, retired
The Heritage Collection, Volume I - 1994
Walking With You - 1993, retired
Sharing the Season, Volume II - 1993, retired
Beyond A Dream - 1992, retired
Threads of Love - 1992
Sharing the Season, Volume I - 1991, retired
Storyline - 1990, retired
Out of Line - 1989, retired

DVD / Public Television Specials

A White Christmas with Lorie Line - 2001, retired
Lorie Live Live! - 1996, retired